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Idea Wind is an ever present force in the Netherlands. Our project is completely defined by wind, it is a solid block that consists of various voids that are shaped to enable maximum wind velocity. Due to the different positioning of the tunnels, there will always be a high velocity somewhere. This will be used for various purposes: to fly in vertical tunnels, to surf in horizontal ones, to generate energy and to do research.


Animated flying man

Floor plans&facades

Program The voids mainly serve an entertainment purpose (flying and surfing), the solid parts of the building consist of an energy expo, energy research centre, student hub and hospitality area. So in total there are four different functions. Due to all of the voids the building has a very high porosity, a total of 17970 m³ of the 50000 m³, which makes the porosity 36%.

Animated vertical building section

Animated horizontal building section