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Chromosome XY

Following the strive to advance social and cultural integration in Rotterdam-West by creating a continuous market and homeless shelter at the bottom of one of the Marconi towers, this project aims to explore the possibilities of adopting the use of Minimal Surfaces to shape the spatial outcome of the available volume and to promote adaptability. In this case the minimal surface theory is interpreted as lofts between certain lines, in which the lofts try to contract in as small as possible surfaces. This tenet forms the point of departure for Chromosome XY. In Chromosome XY the genotype of space is represented by the lines that can be manipulated and altered to set the phenotypical formation of space that is created through the following interstitial lofts.

Set-up: Two arches connected in perpendicular direction form the skeleton lines that shape the object. These arches are actuacted by three servomotors placed in the intersection knot to enable rotation in two axes. Fabric is then attached to this skeleton to represent the lofts between the arches. By directing the two dynamic legs of the upper arch multiple configurations can be formed.

Fuctional Application: The chromosomes can be situated individually or in cooperative configurations to occur as different spatial elements, for example to: -Isolate: when all legs point down a shelter space is created in which the user can retire. -Partition: as one leg moves up a niche is created to provide private seating area for restauration. - Integrate: when a second leg moves up, floor space opens to form a market square, while being covered by the stall ceilings. -Accommodate: Then when the two upper legs rotate downwards seating is created as the public can sit on the chromosome to socialize and spectate.

Design Development

Tuesday, November 18th - Working on prototypes

Wednesday, November 19th - First prototype completed

Final Presentation

G1 Interactive Workshop.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop2.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop3.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop4.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop5.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop6.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop7.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop8.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop9.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop10.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop11.jpg G1 Interactive Workshop12.jpg