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Interactive Bodies 3.0_Workshp:

"What we are evolving are the rules for generating form, rather than the forms themselves"-John Frazer(1995)

The "Interactive Bodies 3.0 Workshop" is an intensive workshop focuses on the issue of "Interactivity." Interaction can happen between human-human relationship, human-objects, human-climate or even object-object. Unlike the normal so-called interactive architectures nowadays which consider responsive as interaction, the workshop would like to push the notion of interactivity a bit further. In other words, the interaction should build up the emotional protocol and truly precede the communication between the subjects involved in the environment. Bottom-up componential entities is another main focus in the workshop. The design experiment in the workshop keens to ask the participants to think of and design a componential system from bottom-up as an emerging interactive body. Like all natural organisms who build up their bodies with single intelligent entity, the cell, the participants should be able to come up with a systematic design strategy to construct their own interactive architectural bodies based on this componential idea. The participants in the workshop will be mainly introduced to use some parametric tools, such as grasshopper, and interactive tools, such as Arduino, and also Digital Fabrication techniques through Laser cutting.


Main Information:



Materials to BUY:

Please prepare these stuffs before the workshop start. You can buy these devices wherever you want(Not constrained to the supplier we provide):