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m4h pointCloud - a common parametric model

m4h pointCloud is a common platform for collecting, sharing, analysing and processing data of the area and building site.

Data can be parametrically interconnected for research and design purposes.

M4h pointCloud 011.JPG M4h pointCloud 008.JPG M4h pointCloud 009.JPG

It consists of:

- reference map (with GPS coordinates of researched area)

M4h pointCloud reference map (

    Upper left N 5920300° E 4,394000°
    Bottom right N 51,899000° E 4,439500°

- rhino file (2D and 3D model of area and marconi towers)

M4h pointCloud 002.JPG M4h pointCloud 004.JPG

- grasshopper file (based on points, it holds, organises and creates project data)

M4h pointCloud 003.JPG