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Slide 0 frontpage.jpg The Hypersonic is an autonomous generative surface structure and membrane provided for sound therapy, music lessons, social and verbal interaction, live performances and recording. Render hypersonic.jpg

Slide 1 sound recognition.jpg Through the use of sound and wight sensors connected to a centralised processing computer system, it recognizes the colour, frequency and general properties of sound inputs and identifies receivers within a precise environment. Processing these data it adjusts its acoustic properties through a shift in the shape to match optimum responses for the given scenario.

Slide 2 functions.jpg It can serve as a rehearsal room, meditation space, sittings or storage space, but it can also create openings between two connected rooms or can be used as an artistic installation which is sound reactive, depending on scale, method, and extension of use.
The membrane, which is activated by an integrated structure, and therefore the whole room, can be programmed by the user in order to adjust to a precise configuration. It can also act as a freeform environment responding to given inputs.

Slide 3 design development.jpg

Slide 4 arduino set up.jpg