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The concept of our building is to create a continuous "audioscape", a place where people can share the space, while experiencing different sounds. This is why we de-centralized the technology necessary for sound spaces (absorption surfaces, recorder and reflecting surfaces), so that they can react as components to local conditions. The architecture becomes an instrument that reacts to the sound happenings in the building. This reaction is a response to the input of sound volume, and it catalyses two movement simultaneously: On the one hand an increase in radius of the affected components, on the other the system will expose more absorption surface to contain the sound.

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We've opted for a rigid origami system, due to its ability to unfold and reveal hidden surfaces. With this system we aim to be able to capture any sound, by unfolding the system the higher the volume becomes. We imagine all parts of the building (wall, floor, ceiling) to work within the same system, but responding to local demands.

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During the workshop, we experimented with the possibilities of the origami system. The stiffness of the structure varies depending on the state (compressed or relaxed position) and the way it is transformed. Our main goal for the prototype was to be able to create a wave that is to be controlled by light sensors. In our project, the light sensors would in fact be sound sensors, integrated in the components, that would instruct the system to deploy or contract.

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