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HYPERBODY Vertical Studio Continuous Variation | M4H | Fall Semester 2014 - 2015
TUTORS TEAM: Kas Oosterhuis, Henriette Bier, Nimish Biloria, Gijs Joosen, Sina Mostafavi, Gary Chang, Vera Lászlo, Ana Anton, Serban Bodea


Societal Context
While society gradually develops from a consumer towards a producer society (Stangler and Maxwell, 2012) employing distributed interactive systems and computer numerically controlled (CNC) production and operation, Hyperbody’s MSc 1 and 3 vertical studio embarks on a quest challenging the traditional role of architectural production and operation by exploring the potential of interactive systems embedded in architecture employed for climate control, CO2 reduction, and distributed and renewable energy production as well as spatial reconfiguration. The theoretical and practical basis for Hyperbody’s MSc 1 and 3 vertical studio is informed design, connecting 3D modeling to verifiable data, where functional reading and processing of real time data from sensors, Internet, and other experts make literally ends meet. Special attention will be given to seamless design to robotically driven production and use chains.

Urban Context
The site for the MSc 1 and 3 project is Merwe­Vierhaven (M4H). For this site the following developments are considered:
(A) Analysis of Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) towers and urban context in order to revamp them;
(B) SOM towers revamp is for mixed and changing use with distributed indoor climates;
(D) Redesign parking garage.